Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Enhancement Exercises and Penis Enlargement Exercises are quite different.

All the penis exercises have similar logic behind them. For example, to develop some good muscles, you work out in gym by trying out different exercises. Similarly, by doing some authentic penis enhancement exercise, you can develop the tissues of your body to grow stronger. The only thing you need to take care about is that you perform all these exercises consistently and also make sure that your way of performing them is correct.

Penis enlargement exercises were being followed since centuries. So, this allows you to put a trust on these exercises. Even the doctors of this modern era recommend the penis enlargement exercise like Jelqing to the people who are looking to get their penis enlarged.

  1. Jelqing. This exercise is very much similar to way masturbation is done. And is also one of oldest male enhancement exercises. It was actually invented by Arabian tribes. While performing this exercise, Corpora Covernosa starts enlarging, it is actually a part of the penis which is filled with blood and usually enlarges at the time of erection. So the enlargement of Corpora Covernosa leads to the enlargement of penis.
  2. Penis Stretching.As already told, the basic mechanism behind any male enhancement exercise is same. By stretching the muscles around the area of penis, stretches the tissue of your penis and helps your penis to get longer and wider.

Male enhancement exercises (or called Penis Enhancement exercises) will increase your actual ability of maintaining erection for longer periods of time. These exercises also increase the amount of seminal fluid whenever you ejaculate apart from making your penis bigger. All these male enhancement exercises directly influence your sexual life which makes a huge impact on your personal life. You gain a huge confidence once you get to know that your penis is bigger than any other man and helps you long last on your bed.

  1. Kegel Exercise(also known as PC Exercise). The main objective of performing this exercise is not for penis enlargement. It is similar to the simple exercise that is asked to be done by pregnant women. The basic thing behind PC muscle flexing is to control your rate of urination. The best thing about this exercise is that it is easy and you can perform it anywhere. Although premature ejaculation is most often caused by emotional anxiety there seems to be that the best way to cure it is to practice some physical premature ejaculation exercises. These exercises make an impact on pubococcygeus(PC) muscle, which helps you to erect your penis for larger time, influencing your sex life.

Penis enlargement exercises are 100% safe, but you have to be careful and avoid the dangerous techniques. Even the very basic exercises without the proper videos or pictures they could be dangerous. That’s why I choose to recommend penis enlargement exercise programs (with pdf ebook and video guide) to you.

The Best Penis Exercises

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Does the Penis Enlargement Bible Work?

Penis enlargement devices have been in vogue for the past 2000 years. Some of those rudimentary and more sophisticated techniques have also been passed down from one generation to another. Even now many millions of men will practice the same techniques such as the penis enlargement bible used that have been handed down from one generation to another. Some of the techniques are also quite dangerous and can cause physical damage to the penis.

Starting from the last century, there have been many enhancements in the science and medicine field. This has also helped the male enhancement field. Men are now using safer and sophisticated devices to make dick bigger. The fascination of increasing the penis for achieving better erections and satisfying the opposite sex isn’t new and will still be an obsession with men around the world even in the future.

Even though there are several techniques that have been developed, many only provide temporary relief. Currently, there are other devices and techniques that are known to provide permanent gains for increasing their penis size. A person should have personal goals while they wish to increase their penis. Click Here to Learn more about How to Enlarge Your Penis.

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What is The Average Penis Size?

Sex is fundamental in the life of a healthy, normal adult, and when you feel insecure and nervous whenever there is a possibility of a sexual encounter or gets embarrassed and ashamed in a gym’s shower room with the guys, you have a hang-up about the size of your penis.

Whether you like it or not, the genes inherited from your parents plays a large part in the size of your penis. Luckily, there are penis enlargement products that are widely available today and this means you do not have to suffer the embarrassment of a penis small than average. According to studies, the average erect penis size is from 5.9 to 6.5 inches with the girth at around 4.8 inches on the average. If you have measured your penis and its size is somewhere around this range, you should take comfort in the fact that your penis is of average size. If you don’t measure up or if you like your penis to be even BETTER and BIGGER than average, we have a compilation of the most effective and safest Penis Enlargement Programs available on the market today!

Every male is guilty of that quick glancing and comparing while in locker rooms or while in adjacent urinals. Men are always curious to see how they measure up in relation to penis size. Below is a list of penis facts to find out how you measure up.

  1. An erect penis, on the average is about 5.6 – 6 inches long
  2. Approximately 90% of men’s penis are of average size
  3. By age 50, the penis length of an average man will be shorter by ? inch
  4. Over 95% of men have a smaller and under developed penis than what is possible for them.
  5. Most women need only the first few inches of a penis for sexual satisfaction.

Average penis size


How to Measure Penis Size Correctly

  1. FLACCID: Place a ruler over your penis. Push the ruler back into your abdomen as far as it will go. Hold your limp penis against the ruler and measure your penis to the tip of the head.
  2. ERECT: While standing, gently angle your erect penis until it is parallel to the floor. Press the ruler against your pubic bone (just above the base of the penis) and measure from top to tip. It may be easier to measure by standing with your knees locked and grabbing the penis from the bottom, just behind the head on either side. Press ruler against your pubic bone, and measure on top of penis as you pull it out as far as you can. Try moving your pelvis or changing the angle to see what variations can occur during this type of measurement. Once you’ve figured out how to measure to get the same result as your erect length, you will find that this measurement is easier and more convenient than measuring your actual erection.
  3. GIRTH: With a piece of string or cloth measuring tape, measure the circumference of your erect penis at mid-shaft.
  4. CUT YOUR PUBIC HAIR: Not only does this make your penis look bigger, but it helps when you’re doing some of these exercises. When stretching, pulling and “milking” your penis, you don’t want to be pulling your hairs out!


Your mental state will have a large bearing on the growth of your penis. If you do not believe that penis enlargement will work on you, it is likely that your subconscious will cause your body not to respond to the process. It is essential that you have a positive attitude.

Don’t measure your penis very often. When you fail to find big gains due to frequent measuring, you might get unmotivated and think it is not working. Always remember that it is your sex organ and your sex life that you want to improve and you should act positively. Rushing can negatively affect weeks of effort and should be avoided. It is important to get there, not to get there too fast.


“What is the average penis size?” is a question that many men keep wondering about. This section makes the analysis for you and gives an explanation of the various physical and psychological aspects related to penis size. The average penis size of most men is approximately 6.5 inches. Men whose penises are smaller than this can be plagued by various physical and psychological problems.

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Quick Points:

  1. Average Penis Size = 6.5 Inches
  2. Average Desired Penis Size = 8.5 Inches

Men who think they are less than average, for instance have feelings of insecurity and may experience some difficulties with their love life and sex life. The past few years have been hard on men with the proliferation of porn showing big and monster penises. It is a difficult psychological struggle for men to measure up and some get the indirect effects of inadequacy for life.

The traction device has been developed by medical practitioners to solve this problem and so that men will get the added length they need or want. Information related to these devices and how efficient they can be in treating erectile dysfunction can be found throughout the site. The devices are also designed to improve sexual stamina and increase penis size.

In an interview of 1,500 women conducted by “Psychology Today”, it was found that majority of them prefer sleeping with a man whose penis girth is thicker. The reason they gave for this preference is the greater stimulation of the clitoris by a thicker penis, causing a more intense orgasm faster. The average man’s erect penis measures around 12.3 cm or 4.85 inches in girth.

Small Penis Sex Positions

On the average, an erect penis should be around six inches in length. But there are millions who fall short of this measurement and if you are one of them, you may be apprehensive that your penis size can affect your sexual performance. You need not worry because although a big sized penis can be advantageous, it is the width and not really the length that matters. In addition, women do not really enjoy their cervices getting rammed, which happen often when a man’s penis is too long. Painful intercourse is not sexy, and there are many women who complain when a man’s penis is too large. The truth is that the right combination of foreplay and stimulation can get a woman sexually satisfied, whether the male has a small penis or large penis. Read on as we talk about the best small penis sex positions and how to get the most pleasure out of them.

  1. Before You Get Inside
    It is obvious that there’s a great deal more to good sex than penetration. Most adult males fully acknowledge the benefits of foreplay. A man with a small-sized penis should take advantage of this and prolong foreplay to the point that his partner is completely aroused. The closer she is to achieving orgasm before the start of actual penetration, the easier it will be for her to reach her climax via one of our small penis sex positions.
  2. Focus On Foreplay
    Foreplay should include all acts your woman enjoys doing and being done to her. Kissing and caressing are always stimulating, but do not limit your techniques to the old standbys. You should be inventive if you really want to rock her world. At the start, some sexy pillow talk will get her in the mood. Sex toys are very useful and be sure they are on hand. Some women are a bit kinky, and sensual biting or even a bit of spanking can set her off. Lavishing her with attention that you know she will respond to is the key to great intercourse. You should get her so hot with foreplay that she will not be able to help herself and beg for you to enter her.
  3. Stimulate The Clitoris
    Before the sexual intercourse, you should spend a longer period stimulating her clitoris as much as she can handle. You can do this either by oral sex or manual stimulation. Make sure she reaches her climax at least once before you proceed to sexual penetration. This method will help alleviate any performance anxiety you might be feeling once you are ready to do the following small penis sex positions.

The Positions

The Doggie
The doggie, when performed at the correct angle can make even a small penis feel big. You will want her in a comfortable position, her head and shoulders comfortably on the pillow, with her bottom raised high in the air. Creating the most effective angle with her back arched and her thighs drawn together will cause the most delicious friction during penetration. The doggie is the easiest of the small penis sex positions on our list; but it is one of the most popular.

Bite-sized tip: During penetration, you should lean forward and maintain as much physical contact as is manageable. This will maximize her feeling of intimacy, enabling her to feel the physical stimulation and reach her sexual peak very quickly.

The Snake
The snake is a small penis sex position where the woman is lying flat on her belly and her legs closed. For the sake of ease and greater comfort, a pillow should be slipped beneath her hips so that her bottom will arch upward and become more accessible. Keep your knees bent while straddling her hips. Maintain an upright position while placing your genitals just behind her bottom. Spread her thighs gently with an opening just enough for you to slide your way in and begin penetration. During this intercourse, you should take care to keep your weight off her body. If you need to brace yourself, bend forward until you have touched the bed – but don’t detract too much from the position.

Bite-sized tip: Holding her thighs together as you are penetrating her will give you the feeling of tightness and greater friction. This position is also excellent if you are both into sexy spanking.

The Rabbit Ears
The woman should be lying down on her back, with her things spread and her legs drawn up with her knees close to her ears on both sides. By slipping a pillow under her bottom, her vagina will be in a better angle best suited for the rabbit ears small penis sex position. At the point of penetration, you will both feel like you are completely filling her vagina. Once the excitement becomes extreme however, the woman may find it difficult to hold her legs in position. It is suggested that you use your arms to hold her knees in place by bracing yourself on the bed barring the crook of her knee in place.

Bite-sized tip: This position is excellent as she can masturbate during sex. You can encourage her to slip her hand between your bodies and stimulate her clitoris while your penis is inside her vagina and you are rocking back and forth.

The V-Formation
With the v-formation, the woman is lying on her back and you are between her thighs. You enter her normally just like you would if you are in a kneeling position. You then raise her legs up by grasping each one around the ankle. You are going to keep her legs up entirely and spread them apart until they resemble a letter “V.” Your thrusts will be very deep in this V-Formation small penis sex position, so you should brace yourself palms against the wall or the headboard. You can drape her legs over your shoulders so you can continue your thrusts without losing the position.

Bite-sized tip: This is an excellent position for teasing her clitoris and exciting her even more. Rest one of her legs on your shoulder to free one of your hands and start stimulating her clit until she screams in joy.

Prime Positions
There is so much emphasis on size in pornographic literature, but the truth is that a woman will achieve orgasm with a penis of any size, provided that the male is inventive and can make the most of what he has. It means you need to stimulate her clitoris during sexual intercourse, but that is also the case with a large penis. What matters most is foreplay and stimulation. A man’s tongue can do wonders to give her woman a good orgasm. Combined with our small penis sex positions, foreplay will make your woman more than satisfied, and that is a promise.

Thinking his penis is much smaller than average is a great ego killer for all men. It is important for you to understand that in all likelihood, your penis is not as small as you think it is compared to most other males around you.

Micropenis and Penis Enlargement

When men have a penis under 2 inches, it is sometimes called a micropenis and these cases are when men may need penis enlargement surgery. This condition is usually detected by doctors or parents immediately after birth or shortly thereafter. According to statistics, only 0.6% of males belong to the group of men with a micropenis. Boys in their adolescence will sometimes be afraid that they have this condition. However, many of them simply have excess fat near and around their pubic area. Some others may just be experiencing delayed puberty. They just need to wait as their penis is still growing.

Micropenis is a clinical term where micro means very small, so it denotes a very small penis. A man born with a very small penis is not considered a medical problem, unless there is pain in and around the penis or the organ is not functioning as it should. However, we have been conditioned to think of things and label things as normal in size or form. Because we look for the normal to denote health at birth, infants with very small penises may be labeled as cases in need of medical attention, even if the problem is not really medical in nature.

What Causes Micropenises?
Micropenis can be the result of a problem in later fetal development. The common cause of a micropenis can be traced to chromosomal and hormonal problems. It can also be the result of problems in the making of, or the response of the boy to androgen. According to research, penile development in fetuses goes through two stages. The first stage is when the development of the penis and scrotum is triggered in early fetal development. The second stage is when androgen influences the growth of the penis in latter fetal development. It is suggested that micropenis occurs when the first stage happens, but the second stage do not; so the penis was developed but did not grow.

There can be many other reasons why someone is born with a micropenis, as micropenis is only a description of sex organ. A third of all people born with a micropenis do not really fit into a category that will explain the cause of the condition or why some men suffer from it and others don’t. Many men who think they have a micropenis would not even fit the clinical diagnosis. If you are worried that you have a micropenis, the first thing to do is consult your doctor.

Treatment of Micro Penis
In most cases, the treatment for micropenises is surgery. Surgery however is not advisable for children, and they are usually treated with simple hormone injections. Initial evaluation of micropenises can be misdiagnosed and the child mistaken for a female but because of DNA and genetic testing, this is easily resolved nowadays.

Men with micropenis can be afflicted with many psychological problems, as society expects and accepts women with vaginas and men with penises. An individual who has something that is neither or in between may feel awkward socially and is advised to seek professional counseling so he can deal with his problem.


How to Increase Penis Size Naturally

There has been an ongoing argument about natural penis enlargement programs for years and it seems this will continue to go one for more years, because the issues being raised by both sides are both sound. The bad name attributed to many penis enhancement programs today is because of the various scams presented through infomercials and sent through spam email. The claim that a penis pill can make the sex organ 3 inches longer, or some pill can enlarge your breasts up 2 cups more, or some pill will make you a better golfer can sound incredulous and impossibly unreal.

Honest merchants will not make false claims or advertise “massive gains in as little as two weeks”, because it is implausible. However, diligence and patience can bring real results if you choose to take penis enhancement pills. You will not gain your desired 4 inches in a month’s time, but you will gain from 2 to 4 inches in 6 months.

So men will say: “But 6 months is a life time! I want to impress my partner tonight!” An overnight solution is simply not possible. You can search all the forums and the websites offering free exercise programs but you will not find an overnight penis enhancement miracle. You can also buy the most expensive device available but it will not change your body overnight.

Natural ways to increase penis size:

  1. Pills: Penis enlargement ED pills will not really increase the size of your penis because they are not magic pills. They will, however make your penis appear bigger. Herbal pills are great products and if you take them, they will improve the health of your penis. Although you should not expect gaining penis size, the amount of blood gushing through when you get aroused will effectively enhance your penis size.
  2. Devices: There is the danger of over exerting your penis by using any of the penis enlargement devices or doing any of the methods if you fail to follow the instructions. You must be aware that there are risks involved and you do not want to end up with temporary impotence.
  3. Surgery: Penis enlargement surgical procedures will cost a minimum of $6000. Through surgery, fat is added to your penis and then a 15-pound weight is hanging from your penis so that the fat will not retract back into your abdomen. The chance of success through a surgical procedure is not guaranteed and men really do not want to risk it. There are even some men who became totally impotent after the procedure, making men afraid to go through this invasive procedure.
  4. Pumps: There are risks of possible side effects if you use pumps, like blood vessels breaking and causing swelling and pain. If your purpose in using a vacuum device is for erectile dysfunction or you think it will produce a pleasant sensation, you have to be aware of its possible dangers. You have to look if the device is well-designed and will not damage your penis. They can really be dangerous.

Are there Foods that are Bad for my Penis?

Some foods and ingredients should be consumed in moderation or totally avoided for penis health. These foods are mostly sweetened products and those that contain food preservatives and additives. Some of these foods maybe impossible to avoid but being aware of their harmful effects will help you to abstain from eating them.

  1. Sugar: candy, soft drinks, pastries, white sugar, brown sugar, refined sugar.
  2. Preservatives: Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Ethoborate.
  3. Food Additives: Monosodium glutamate (MSG), NutraSweet or Aspartame.

Foods that increase penis size

Nutritious foods are important during penis enlargement programs, but they are also important your whole lifetime. The following are some of the foods that should be included in your daily diet and others that should be avoided. You should eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and fresh green leafy vegetables. Canned fruits and vegetables should be avoided as they contain less nutrients than fresh ones. You should also include high quality protein in your daily diet like fish, chicken and egg whites. Choose organic food if it is possible.

Herbal pills that increase penis size

If you are undergoing a penis enlargement program, it will be beneficial to take vitamin supplements for faster results. The extra proteins, vitamins and minerals will quickly and effectively repair and regenerate your damaged penis cells.

How Can I Get Faster Penis Enlargement?
Do not take shortcuts if you want fast results with your penis enlargement program. Follow the procedure by the book. Your determination and persistence are important to succeed in your penis enlargement program.

Vitamins that increase penis size
Be sure you are getting needed nutrients so that the possibility of slow growth is eliminated. The right levels of amino acids, minerals and vitamins DO have an effect on the penis enlargement process. You should also drink lots of water. See our list of recommended vitamins & herbs.

Your penis has reached its mature length if you are already 18 years old and above, although it may still continue to grow bigger in girth. Masturbation do not make penises larger, although it may look that way because it is temporarily erect. Jelqing is the proven method to increase penis size by physical means.

Does working out increase penis size?
Another method that will slightly help a penis to grow is working out. Working out will result in better circulation and produce more disposable blood combined with increased muscle mass. This will help increase penis size over time. Losing weight also helps regain penis size as fat people tend to have the smallest penis. Some doctors say that men’s penis get a little shorter as they reach 50 because their erections decrease over time and the penile tissues break down from lack of activity.